Professional aluminum alloy gravity casting, mature mold design and development experience!

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2023-09-15 14:31

Our company adopts the production process of metal gravity casting, mainly engaged in the production and processing of aluminum alloy parts such as automobile brake pump body, power steering valve body, piston and so on.

The company has mature technology in mold design and development, and can well complete the customer's drawing design requirements. Successfully provided Japanese customers with more than 20 years of service, and achieved great praise from customers.

The gravity casting process fills the cavity by the gravity of the metal liquid and casts slowly with the tilt of the metal mold. The chilling effect of the metal mold and the uniform impact of the solution can make the alloy more compact and finer grains in the process of rapid solidification. Thereby further improving the gradual mechanical properties.

This casting process uses AL-SI-CU AL-SI-MG alloys with good fluidity and thermal crack resistance. Can be used for large batch, casting surface finish, dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties of high quality casting production operations.



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