The United States has become China's largest exporter of auto parts

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2023-09-15 15:42

Huicong Surface Treatment Network News: "In 2014, China's export of auto parts to the United States reached US $11.5 billion billion, more than double that of 2010." Wang Xia, chairman of the Auto Industry Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, told reporters in Detroit that the United States has become China's largest export destination country for auto parts.

China's automobile import and export show active development trend. In terms of auto parts, China's exports to the United States have more than doubled from US $5.37 billion in 2010 to US $11.5 billion in 2014, showing an increasing trend year by year. US parts exports to China increased from US $0.62 billion in 2010 to US $1.5 billion in 2014, an increase of 1.5 times. China and the United States have basically achieved simultaneous growth in the import and export of auto parts.

In the past five years, China's vehicle exports to the United States have dropped from 13278 in 2010 to 2700 in 2014. Although the number has dropped significantly, the export value has achieved a slight increase. This is mainly because Chinese car companies have adjusted the product structure of their exports to the United States, increasing the export of high value-added products such as passenger cars and special vehicles in commercial vehicles. U.S. auto exports to China soared from 80000 in 2010 to nearly 300000 in 2014, and the export value also achieved simultaneous growth.

With the sustained and rapid growth of China's production and sales, the traditional market pattern of "strong in Europe and the United States and weak in Asia" has been completely broken. Global automobile enterprises, including the United States, regard the Chinese market as the strategic focus and the main source of sales growth. A large number of global automobile industry resources are concentrated in China, so that China has the opportunity to realize the internationalization of industrial strategy, product technology, market, capital and talents. Chinese auto companies have begun to transform from original learners and followers to global industry competitors and resource integrators, and this role change will benefit the global auto industry more.

The reporter noted that by the end of 2014, with the record of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Chinese enterprises had invested and set up 215 enterprises in the US automobile field, with a total investment of 1.46 billion billion US dollars. Among them, there are 5 automobile R & D and design enterprises and vehicle production enterprises, with a total Chinese investment of 9.38 million US dollars, and 210 auto parts production and trading enterprises, with a total Chinese investment of 1.366 billion US dollars, accounting for 94% of the total investment. In this regard, Wang Xia believes that the change from capital introduction to capital export indicates that the development of China's automobile industry has entered a new stage, and the cooperation between China and the United States in the automobile industry will also enter a new historical stage.

Looking to the future, China and the United States, one is the largest developing country, the other is the largest developed country; one is the emerging automobile production and sales country, and the other is the traditional automobile industry power. For China, which is transforming from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country, the United States has many high-quality resources to use. Advanced marketing methods, service models, strong development management and resource integration capabilities, and talent strategies are all worth learning from China. The huge American market also needs to be developed by Chinese companies; similarly, for American auto companies, the huge opportunities in the Chinese market also need to be further developed, the cooperation between China and the United States in the automobile industry should develop from simple one-way introduction of products to two-way investment and all-round cooperation, and cooperation based on complementary advantages and mutual benefit will not only contribute to the development of the automobile industry in China and the United States. it is also of great significance to the healthy and sustainable development of the global automobile industry.



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