Zero whole than down? Some car companies play "civet cat for prince"

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2023-09-15 14:31

After a wave of antitrust investigations, are domestic auto parts prices really falling? A few days ago, the Insurance Industry Association of China and the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association jointly released the second batch of 36 common models of zero-to-whole ratios, which is also six months later, the two associations once again released to the outside world the ratio of domestic parts prices to vehicle prices. The results show that Renault Coreau has the highest zero-to-whole ratio of 719.75 among the newly released 18 models. In the first batch of 18 models of data, although the zero-to-whole ratio has declined significantly, consumers have not gained real benefits through methods such as falling and rising. This also attracted consumers spit.

Only 4 models have a zero-to-whole ratio of less than 300 per cent.

According to data released by the two associations, Renault Coreau, Changan Volvo S40 and FAW Mazda Ruiyi ranked in the top three of the 18 models newly included in the statistics, with 719.75 percent, 662.53 percent and 656.32 percent respectively. Shanghai Volkswagen Santana, Land Rover evoque and FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q5 have a zero-to-zero ratio of 402 to 431.22 percent.

The Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Touareg, Dongfeng Peugeot 308, Porsche Cayenne, Dongfeng Honda Civic, Shanghai GM Chevrolet Cruze, Subaru Forester, Changan Ford Focus, and FAW Pentium B50 have a zero-to-zero ratio of 300 to 400.%.

In addition, Brilliance China H230, Rongwei 550 and Great Wall Tengyi C30 are lower than the standard of foreign industries by about 300. Among them, the lowest is the Great Wall Tengyi C30, only 230.98 per cent.

This is also the second time that the China Insurance Industry Association and the China Automobile maintenance Industry Association have released data to the outside world six months later. Judging from the data of the latest 18 models, after a round of anti-monopoly investigation, the price of auto parts in China is still at a high level, with only three models having a zero-to-whole ratio of less than 300 per cent. Moreover, from the perspective of models, only the zero-to-whole ratio of self-owned brand models is lower than the standard of 300, and both joint venture brands and imported cars are much higher than this standard.

Some car companies play "civet cats for prince"

In addition to the release of 18 brand-new models, the two associations also released the zero-to-whole ratio comparison data of the 18 models released in the previous round. The zero-to-whole ratio coefficient of 11 models declined, the parts of 5 models were improved, and 2 remained unchanged. Among them, Corolla fell from 625.22 per cent to 387.68 per cent, while Beijing Benz W204, the highest zero-to-zero ratio, fell from 1273.31 per cent to 1172.65 per cent. The total price of parts for these models was reduced by 1424658 yuan, a decrease of 5.72.

Prior to this, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, GAC Toyota, GAC Honda, Dongfeng Nissan and other car companies successively lowered the prices of some parts after the National Development and Reform Commission launched an anti-monopoly investigation in September to reduce the price of related models. Zero to whole ratio.

However, does the decline in data mean that consumers can really enjoy the benefits? Are car companies playing a game of hide and seek?

The two associations revealed that from the latest parts released by car companies, although the overall price has declined, consumers may not be able to enjoy benefits, but will increase their usual expenses. This is mainly due to the fact that some car companies have lowered the prices of high-priced low-frequency components and even raised the prices of low-value high-frequency components. Data show that in the first batch of 18 models, the total price of engines and gearboxes dropped by 293162 yuan, while the total price of front bumpers and rear bumpers increased by 620 yuan.

At present, judging from the maintenance rate of various parts of my country's overall automobile, the replacement frequency of the engine block is only 0.0153 percent, but the replacement frequency of the front bumper has reached 6.2755 percent. The analysis points out that raising the price of low-value and high-frequency parts can offset the profit impact brought about by lowering the price of high-value and low-frequency parts. Through this method, on the one hand, it can reduce the zero-to-whole ratio of the overall vehicle and maximize the maintenance of profits, but it is difficult for consumers to enjoy the benefits.



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