2014 Top 100 Global Auto Parts Supporting Suppliers Rankings

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2023-09-15 15:42

Top 100 list released

Automotive News annually ranks suppliers based on year-to-year automotive industry supporting market business operating income/sales. According to the performance in 2013, the list of the top 100 global parts suppliers in 2014 was published. Germany's Robert Bosch Group topped the top 100 list for four consecutive years, with Electric Equipment ranking second again and Magna reaching the top three.

Among the top ten, the 4th to 10th places are: Continental, Aisin Seiki, Hyundai Mobis, Faurecia, Johnson Controls, ZF and Lear. Among them, Lear is the only newly promoted top 10, ranking 11th in 2013. For more information, please refer to the "2014-2018 China Auto Parts Industry Market Investment Analysis and Prospect Forecast Report" published by the China Report Hall.

The ranking rose rapidly mainly: Germany's KSPG, up 20 places from 79th to 59th; South Korea's modernist Watson, up 16 places from 70th to 54th; South Korea's Hyundai Daimos, up 14 places from 90th to 76th.

Enterprises with obvious decline in ranking include: Japan's Enden, which fell 16 places from 35th to 51st; Sweden's SKF, which fell 13 places from 75th to 88th.

China's two Japanese families on the list occupy nearly 30% of the seats.Bit

According to the headquarters of major parts suppliers, Japanese companies are the most on the list, and 29 companies are the same as the 2013 list, occupying almost 30% of the seats. This was followed by 23 in the United States (25 in 2013) and 19 in Germany (21 in 2013), all of which declined. South Korea was also flat last year, with a total of 5 on the list. France adds one to four seats. Spain was flat at 3.

Sweden and Switzerland also have two each in the 2014 top 100 list.

Citic daika co., ltd. entered the top 100 list in 2013 and again in 2014, rising 9 places from 92nd to 83rd. Unlike CITIC Daika, a Chinese company on the 2013 list, Hong Kong Dechang Electric became the second famous Chinese company on the list in 2014, ranking 98th. The Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Italy, India, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Mexico all have one seat each.

Reference meaning and interpretation

When selecting the top 100, "American Auto News" requires manufacturers to provide company names, locations, contact information and related data. Usually, companies with a high degree of internationalization and emphasis on the top 100 will cooperate accordingly, so they may get a place. However, some well-known manufacturers have large supporting business scale according to common sense, but they are not listed, which may be that they have not provided relevant information.

The most typical example is South Korea's LG chemical. In many years before, LG Chemical could enter the top 10 on the top 100 list, roughly ranking 9th or so. But in 2013, 2014 did not see LG chemical ranking.

In terms of China's auto parts suppliers, Weichai Power, Wanxiang Group and Yuchai and other parts giants are large in scale. According to common sense, it is unlikely that the supporting business income will be lower than that of CITIC Daika and Dechang Electric. It is also possible that they will be absent from the top 100 list due to failure to submit information. Therefore, there is still a probability of omission or inability to obtain information while covering the top 100 global auto parts suppliers as comprehensively as possible.



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