Yantai Minggui Automotive Parts Co., Ltd

Yantai Minggui Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., produces aluminum alloy castings by means of steel moulds and sand mould gravity castings.


All of our products are exported to Japan, which are made from aluminum alloy materials such as AC2A, AC4B, AC4C, AC4CHV, AC4A imported from Japan. There are more than 400 kinds of pump body, cylinder body and piston body. Our company owns over 70 sets of production and inspection equipment imported from Japan, and annually yields 1,000 tons.


It is located in Yantai Bonded Port, Shandong, enjoying convenient sea, air and land transportation.


Total Investment: RMB 8 million     Floor Area: 18,952.64 m2  Building Area: 4,100 m2

Including: Office Building Area:700 m2     Foundry Workshop Area:2,100 m2  Processing Workshop Area: 1,300 m2

Corporate Environment

Sand mould forming machine

Sand mould forming machine

Casting machine

Casting machine

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Quality Assurance

The QC management team of the company is responsible for putting the product quality assurance system into practice. Its personnel, from the general manager to on-spot workers, are able to solve problems anytime anywhere by unlimited methods, embodying the slogan of “Quality is the Life”.

The company once maintained the good performance of no inferior product among successively supplied products of 0.4 million pieces.

Over the years, the company received regular inspection and assessment every year in accordance with customers’ requirements, and was praised time and again.

On August 23, 2007, it passed the certification of TS16949 Quality Management System.



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