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Enhance the strength to break the auto parts business price monopoly
Guo Jianan, an expert in the development of self-owned brand parts and components, said: "In contrast to the auto market, China does not limit the equity ratio of the joint ventures in parts and compo
Fake and shoddy analysis of the root causes of chaos in the auto parts market
Car 4S shop service formality, but also to ensure the sale of original parts, should be the most car owners should choose the car maintenance and repair sites. However, because of its high service pri
2014 Global Auto Parts Suppliers Top 100 list
Auto News is ranked annually by vendor revenue / sales in the automotive market for the last year. Based on 2013 results, the global top 100 accessory suppliers came out in 2014. Germany's Robert Bosc
Heat treatment industry technical transformation direction
In the recent 20 years, less advanced and non-oxidized reheating furnaces such as vacuum furnaces, protective atmosphere furnaces, controlled atmosphere furnaces and ion nitriding furnaces have been
Improve the life of the mold to control the ten major links
Effective management of product data management, process data management and drawing document management: Effective product data management, process data management and drawing document management can
Japan plans to generalize auto parts
Japan's 14 automobile and motorcycle companies will work together to set up an "international standards seminar," you want to universal specifications of components and automotive semiconductors to re
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