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Heat treatment industry technical transformation direction

In the recent 20 years, less advanced and non-oxidized reheating furnaces such as vacuum furnaces, protective atmosphere furnaces, controlled atmosphere furnaces and ion nitriding furnaces have been
In the recent 20 years, less advanced and non-oxidized reheating furnaces such as vacuum furnaces, protective atmosphere furnaces, controlled atmosphere furnaces and ion nitriding furnaces have been developed and imported in less than 20% in China. However, due to The quality of management and operators is not high, did not give full play to the role of equipment.
Therefore, the heat treatment furnace technological transformation is imperative. To promote new technologies, the development of new materials technology, training staff to improve the quality of the industry staff. The renewal of heat treatment process equipment is also very heavy. It is equally important to promote the use of new vacuum heating equipment and protective atmosphere and controllable atmosphere heating equipment, as well as to transform the traditional old heating equipment currently in operation. Choose practical and practical programs and technical transformation measures to be promoted, for businesses and countries to create considerable wealth.
Natural gas is the best energy Reasonable choice of energy is the primary issue to be considered in energy saving of heat treatment equipment. Heat treatment of energy can generally be divided into two categories of electricity and fuel. Electricity or fuel, as well as what kind of fuel to use, depend on factors such as production costs, energy supply conditions, ease of operation and control, reliability, heat treatment process characteristics and impact on the environment.
Electric heating clean, easy to control the temperature, less auxiliary facilities, easy operation is its advantage. With the resistance furnace heating theoretically available 70% ~ 80% thermal efficiency, but electricity is a secondary energy, taking into account the efficiency of power generation, resistance furnace integrated heat utilization rate does not exceed 30%. Electricity prices are high, so production costs are also high. Due to the development of science and technology, as the proportion of hydropower and nuclear power increases, the price of electric energy in the world has a relatively downward trend. Therefore, the current international trend of using electric energy has gradually increased.
Fuel is cheaper than electricity, but the combustion process is more complex, while using fuel than electricity will cause more environmental pollution. However, with advances in control technology, it becomes possible to achieve accurate control of gas-to-electricity and liquid fuel furnace temperatures.
Natural gas is a primary source of energy. Heat treatment furnaces can achieve at least 30% thermal efficiency in addition to direct combustion. Flue gas waste heat can also be used to preheat combustion, heating with air, tempering furnaces, heating of cleaning and quenching oils, and other domestic uses, So that the absolute heat utilization can reach more than 80%. At present, advanced industrial countries occupy a considerable proportion of heat-treated fuel ovens.
According to the survey, the proportion of heat-treatment fuel furnaces in Western Europe accounts for 20% -30% and the United States accounts for 25.5%, while the Japanese fuel furnace mainly uses heavy oil, kerosene, liquefied gas and city gas for a total of 61.4%.
In the past 10 years, China has a major breakthrough in natural resources exploration. Will create a very convenient gas heat treatment industry conditions. The vast number of enterprises should see this favorable prospect of heat treatment of energy changes in heat treatment production technology and equipment to fully consider the update and update.
Circular kiln energy-saving effect is obvious Enterprises are usually from the process requirements, shape and size of the workpiece, the production batch starting to choose furnace. From the heat treatment of energy use point of view, to consider the heating furnace efficiency, tightness and furnace shape. When the workpiece is large, a single species, should be used continuous furnace. In the same furnace volume, circular (column) shaped furnace than the square furnace energy-saving effect is obvious.