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Fake and shoddy analysis of the root causes of chaos in the auto parts market

Car 4S shop service formality, but also to ensure the sale of original parts, should be the most car owners should choose the car maintenance and repair sites. However, because of its high service pri
Car 4S shop service formality, but also to ensure the sale of original parts, should be the most car owners should choose the car maintenance and repair sites. However, because of its high service prices and many owners "prohibitive." Corresponding to this, more and more auto parts manufacturers began to play "guarantee the original parts" signs, but true and false difficult products let consumers rest assured. The company is located in:
In the face of fierce competition in the market, 4S shop accessories prices Why has been high? This should only be sold in the 4S shop original parts, but also appeared in the unauthorized sales of auto parts business?
Insurance pay monopoly market has become a "hidden rules"
Popular in the automotive industry such a ridicule: the dismantling of a new car sold in the 4S shop accessories, you can sell two new car prices. Obviously, 4S shop service price artificially high, already the automobile industry "unspoken rules." The company is located in:
Jilin Province Automobile Association, Wang Wei, automotive expert told reporters that there is a contract between the car manufacturers and 4S shop, does not allow the 4S shop to buy spare parts on the market, also does not allow the original spare parts sold out, once discovered Will be fined, or even cancel the 4S shop qualification. The company is located in:
This in fact caused a car manufacturer and 4S shop monopoly of the original car accessories. In recent years, 4S shop car sales profit compression, making 4S shop only by seeking maintenance in the maintenance of new profit growth point. This is the main reason that the price of replacement parts in the car 4S shop is much higher than ordinary parts. The company is located in:
Secondly, due to the high quality and technical level of the repair workers hired by the automobile 4S shop, the working hours cost far exceeds that of the ordinary auto repair shop. The company is located in:
In addition, the reporter found that the choice of vehicle maintenance and repair to the 4S shop owners, mainly in the vehicle insurance group. As part of the insurance company launched a "designated plant insurance + vehicle damage insurance" portfolio services, repair costs in the insurance company to pay the majority, so this part of the owners of the 4S shop high service fee is not "distressed." The company is located in:
Mr. Tang, owner of Beijing who has been driving for nearly two years, told reporters that in addition to a simple rub in the past two years, there was only one incident where a bumper was damaged. After that, he went to the 4S shop designated by the insurance company to repair and replace the bumper at a price of 2,000 yuan about. After the compensation of the insurance company, actually he only took a few hundred dollars for himself. Cheap? High imitation, on behalf of the workpiece flooding the market
"1.8L displacement manual transmission Bora transmission, to ensure that the original pieces. Advance booking, the scene getting goods." "Volkswagen Polaris before and after the brake pads, only 120 yuan, 130 yuan, to ensure the original." The reporter came to the identity of the buyer Located in Changchun Zhengyang Street Automobile Trade City, where gathered in a variety of brands of auto parts business, business is hot, many car owners are here to buy parts. The company is located in:
Original parts only in the car manufacturers and 4S shop car. Then the auto parts market is widely circulated so-called "original parts" is how to enter the market? Wang Wei told reporters that the car is a highly integrated product, the vehicle consists of tens of thousands of parts, if all the parts by the car manufacturers alone Production, neither in line with the laws of the market, but also a waste of resources. Therefore, the car manufacturers will be authorized by the manufacturer of technical clearance to produce parts. The production of parts in accordance with the order form by the car manufacturers to buy and install the vehicle, which will certainly produce more than a small part of these parts, these became the market so-called "original parts." The company is located in:
The difference between the "original parts" provided to the car manufacturer and the market is like the difference between "exporting a domestic product" and "direct selling domestic product." Although the production of raw materials, production standards are basically the same, but in terms of workmanship, precision, "the quality of the" export to domestic products "will be slightly higher than the direct domestic products." Changchun City, Anderson Street, a garage boss so explain the two original Differences between the factory parts. The company is located in:
Wang told reporters that the past two years in the auto parts market also appeared in a high imitation. From the appearance point of view, the high imitation of the original parts is almost exactly the same, the average consumer is difficult to identify the authenticity of the case without the use of loading, the emergence of such products makes the already mixed auto market more chaos. The company is located in:
Whether the original parts should be "fair and honest" circulation market
Due to the monopoly of raw materials, auto parts 4S shop prices high. In recent days, the voice of "put the original factory in circulation on the market" is getting louder. Whether the original parts in the market circulation is feasible?
Wang Wei said that between the car manufacturers and 4S shop, does not allow the original placement of spare parts to take the contract contract, on the one hand the manufacturers out of consideration for the safety of the car, because if the release of auto parts production, A large number of quite a mixed bag manufacturer factory parts will be with the original parts appear in the market, and it is difficult to distinguish, once the owners purchase and install such components, it is difficult to ensure the safety of the car. Another reason is out of the protection of intellectual property rights of automobile manufacturers, many parts even if they are not in the car manufacturer, but also by its design and development, and arrange for people in the bidding companies to oversee the production and production processes, the number of production are Under its supervision. The company is located in:
Consumers Association of Jilin Province, Shou Shou-yun that if the original pieces completely open to circulation in the market, is bound to cause the so-called high imitation parts of the larger dispersion, and the price of high imitation parts and ordinary vice plant is also easier to play With the "original pieces" of the banner, mixed fishes, the market is not only not easy to regulate, but more complex and difficult to manage. The company is located in:
Zong Shouyun also believes that as a technology-intensive vehicle, automobiles need not only the consumer associations and relevant law enforcement agencies to regulate them, but also the participation of technical assessment agencies. In handling complaints and disputes, the Consumer Protection Association is incapable of carrying out a complete and quantitative disassembly assessment on the complaints vehicles one by one. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a mechanism and mechanism for appraising professional technical experts that can cover the whole country. However, such mechanisms require a high degree of technical strength and are difficult to establish in a short period of time.